Greater Options for the Cannabis concentrate for sale online

The time when cannabis was consumed only in the form of weed or hash that we smoked (ate occasionally) is far, far away. Indeed, there is today a multiplicity of ways to consume cannabis to such an extent that it is very easy to get lost in all this terminology often English- speaking accents: e liquid, oil, wax, bho, dab, rosin tech and other budder, you’ve heard about it but you get a little brushes? This article is made for you!

Cannabis concentrates: what is it?

First, no one but concentrated cannabis, which materialize in many forms and are obtained through two main methods of extraction: solvent with or without solvent (also called mechanical extraction).

The term concentrated is quite broad and covers many forms that range from orally administered cannabis oil, through the spray wax, dye to put under the tongue to hashish, this familiar resin whose origins goes back several centuries.

Simply put, the generic name of cannabis concentrate includes any product obtained from the flowers by a process of extraction, that is to say separation of cannabinoids (but not only) plant material of the plant. The result can take the form of an oil or resin more or less concentrated in THC, CBD and a whole lot of other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Cannabis concentrate for sale online

How to get cannabis concentrate?

Far from ancestral and natural extraction techniques of Hasch and Charas born in Persia and India, current methods are much more sophisticated and often rely on scientific procedures. As it is mentioned earlier, today there are two main extraction techniques: with or without a solvent. In other words, the separation of the cannabinoids from the rest of the plant can be done either chemically, using solvents, or naturally, dry or water (technically a solvent but not considered as such in the canna industry). You can easily get Cannabis concentrate for sale online as well.

Why are concentrates so popular?

Concentrates are rapidly gaining popularity for many reasons that we have already mentioned.

First, they are much more powerful than the flower, which allows to consume cannabis more economically because in much lower doses. This high concentration of cannabinoids such as THC and especially CBD also allows a more appropriate medical application and more effectively relieves pain.

The difference in taste between the extracts and the flowers is also quite clear, because in addition to the cannabinoids, they are very concentrated in terpenes, these molecules which produce the distinct aroma and taste of the weed. Spray concentrates allow consumers to better appreciate the taste of terpenes than if they were mixed with other combustible plant materials.

The future of cannabis seems to be moving towards these powerful concentrated forms, for both recreational and medical use.