A brief look at provincial approaches to recreational marijuana sales – National


Ontario’s new Progressive Conservative government has announced new plans for how the province would sell recreational cannabis. Here’s a look at provincial and territorial plans to date: – British Columbia has set the age of consumption at 19. Retail sales to be allowed through public and private stores, but retail licences won’t be approved without the support of local […]

How Cannabis Affects Your Menstrual Cycle

Most women do have serious menstrual cramp when menstrating. One of the most common therapeutic uses for doctor-strain is to treat the pain of menstrual cramps, doctor-strain can also have an effect on your period, itself.How doctor-strain Affects Your Menstrual Cycle. How doctor-strain Affects Your Menstrual Cycle If you’re not a regular doctor-strain consumer, it […]


Medical marijuana can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions.CONDITIONS MEDICAL MARIJUANA CAN TREAT. It is utilized effectively around the world to help eliminate the symptoms of those who are suffering. This blog should go some way to help explain exactly what can be treated, and how medical marijuana does so.Most conditions that are […]

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