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Due to the active development of the sale of hemp, it is easy to buy marijuana seeds at a low price in Ukraine. However, the main criteria when choosing seed material are the quality and percentage of germination. What is so popular marijuana? Today, this plant is used in almost every field of human activity. Hemp has found its active use in the medical field due to the high content of psychotropic substances. Researchers from around the world have shown that the anesthetic effect of marijuana during cancer is significantly stronger than the effect of drugs. Also, hemp can be used for making paper, shoes, clothes, cables, ropes, ropes. This plant is used in the cosmetic field.

Auto flowering varieties

We have collected a selection of hemp varieties, including many auto-flowering. Such plants have a short life cycle. Auto flowers are planted from early spring to early August. With proper coverage of the harvest, you can wait two months after disembarkation. After sunrise, the plants form a pair of leaves and immediately go into the next stage – flowering.

Weed for Sale Near Me

Photoperiod varieties

Photoperiod varieties, they are the same, regular, can give, both female and male individuals. The likelihood of the development of female plants depends on:

  • Nitrogen content (a larger amount of nitrogen gives a greater likelihood to the development of the female of the plants).
  • Not strong lighting.
  • Increased moisture level.

Feminized varieties

Feminized varieties are a category of seeds that allows you to get exclusively female marijuana plants. Such species will be similar to each other. Of course, to get the female sex, the grower in the cultivation process will need to follow certain rules and then the result will not take long to wait. Using feminized varieties, a person who grows cannabis gains many benefits, namely:

  • ü High quality of the obtained product.
  • ü Resistance of marijuana to pests and diseases.
  • ü Seed similarity, i.e. The final result and the amount of harvest from one plant are identical.

Among the large selection of seeds, we can find products for both experienced connoisseurs of cannabis cultivation and for beginners in this field. In our online store all growers can order elite cannabis seeds online. Read Weed for sale near me reviews for the same.

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